Yes, free of typos, his name is Buba!

Everyone has himselvs associations with the name, but all of them – bright, happy, smiling … And if you look at our scottie, it becomes quite clear – he can only be Buba!
Although by the documents his name is Antey. He was of noble blood, with a good pedigree: Mom – EVGENIYA THE BEST EXZORCIST, and Dad – HAPPY SHORTLEGS MAGNAT.
Buba was born on April 17, 2009. More than anything, Buba loves to kiss, snowy weather and, of course, cheese! However, we should not forget that we face – Scottish Terrier, and if Buba do not like something, it is not very accommodating – “he makes sheep,” as we say.
What can you do, the character!
On this site can find not only information about Buba but a lot of interesting and useful information. We always welcome feedback, please write about your kids only! We invite everyone to discuss any important and relevant questions for dog’s parents.
Come on!

E-mail: scotchbuba@gmail.com

Below – a retrospective series of Buba’s photos month by month, made by the third anniversary of our darling. Enjoy!

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