Sep 16

Suddenly the autumn came …

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Sep 10

My human brothers

Four years ago and now

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Aug 08

A trip to the country house

Summer is a great time (even though it’s hot!).  You can stroll along surrounding area and swim in the lake.

A brief report  in pictures.

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Jul 22

Makis from Greece

We got photos of our child from Greece. Cipollino was named Makis.

We are very happy for him!

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Jul 06

Through joy and sadness

Today Cipollino flew with his new owner to Athens (Greece).
There he will have a big house, trusted hands and a loving heart.
It was an interesting and not at all planned experience – a life with a puppy. And we are grateful for this gift in our life!
A part of our hearts is now settled in Greece.
Good luck in the new family, Cipollino!

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Jun 29

I’m Scottish Terrier!

I'm a Scottish Terrier

I’m Scottish Terrier! Proud and independent dog.
And do not confuse me with others!
As soon as I was not called at the meeting. And what are an unexpected associations!
Below are the most vivid, you’ll like:
- Spitz-Schnauzer
- Scottish interior
- Your dog is the best that possible to meet in a cemetery! (we often go for a walk through the cemetery).

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Jun 24

Puppy for sale

IMG_8425Buba’s son, BD 04.20.2013.

More photos on Buba’s children

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Jun 23

The famous scottie look!

The famous scottie look!
Buba with his FB friends.

scottie_look scottie_look1

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Jun 20

J. K. Jerome about dogs


Dogs are very peculiar creatures. A dog will never annoy you with questions, it doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, what mood you’re in, if you’re smart or dumb, sinner or a saint. You’re its friend. And it is enough for it.

@J. K. Jerome

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Jun 20

Brigitte Bardot. The Two Lives

The film, which is worth it to watch it!

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