Nov 07

Friday night walk

Friday_walk… friday night. Facebook seems all too quiet, looks like everyone has gone off to see some talkshows or what is it they have running on TV these days.

Thank god – I don’t own a TV. I may as well take a walk before bed and walk my daddy. Let him vent a little. What would he with out me?! That’s what I thought…

Nov 07

Love to shooting

Photoshoots… daddy loves to take pictures of me, to be honest I’m not even sure why. He is constantly trying to make me pose, worrying and stressing out.
That’s what happened today as well: just as we were crossing the road he started again – “hold on, look, stop I am saying”. There are cars coming towards us, but he just has to have it his way.
Of course, being completely honest, when I’m with him I’m not afraid and am quite calm. I guess, he can take those pictures, it’s not that I’m against it. As long as this does not keep me from all the important and urgent stuff I’ve got.