Dec 09

The mutual understanding

IMG_2048_1I like that the parents talk to me and explain everything. How else would we understand each other? I too share my experiences with them.
Though sometimes they aren’t doing quite what I’m asking for. They can offer me a drink of water instead of cookies. I just have to repeat myself quietly and emphatically. I guess it’s necessary to get them trained.
Although the explanation is lost in translation, I think they are just cunning. My Mom and Dad understand everything for sure!

P.S. I wait until everyone will walk away. I want to listen to one of my favorite songs Whiskey Bar. Join now!
And yep, Happy Birthday, Jimmy! I love you!

Dec 03

In The Morning

Well, I think everybody understands how I want to jump out of a bed and to rush to outdoors in the morning?
Oh, here it’s a dog’s life…

Nov 26

Me and a water

IMG_1707I like watching water, sometimes I even wade into it up to my waist. Not deeper.
I can’t understand how ducks sit on the water and don’t drown. One day my Dad carried me into a lake and said to me: “Swim!” If I had not threshed my legs with all my might I would have hardly swam to the shore. But ducks behave so calmly, floating on the surface, diving…

No, the water is not for me. I will better go and dig a hole. It’s much more interesting!

Nov 20

People Are Strange

Pizzeria… near the house there is a pizzeria. I can’t understand why dogs are not permitted to enter?!
I do not know how in others (I rarely go to restaurants), but in this pizzeria are not allowed.

People are strange (thanks to J. Morrison!)… They invent different promotions to attract visitors, and at the same time not see their super-profits underfoot! … in our time of financial crisis (not invented himself, my dad says so).

I love cheese, meat – needless, about the biscuits and say nothing. Yes, I would have eaten twice than dad. Or – three … No, exactly – six times!

In general, we’ve been thinking and decided to open a pizzeria for dogs. People also can come in, but cats can’t. They don’t like a pizza (as neighbor’s cat Vasya said, I specifically inquired) and can only to hiss and to tease. Let they stay at home.

I went to listen to “People Are Strange”. It’s the one of my favorite songs.

Nov 17

I’m The Supermodel!

Supermodel… recently I “worked” as a supermodel. Exhausting work is your defile!

“Go!”, “Freeze!”, “Stay here/there!”, “Keep smile!”… How can you smile if on the street is 5°C and a cold wind blows?! Well at least I was in a fur coat, but my dad been dressed in a jacket and a shirt. Only one joy – I ate a lot of sushkies (small, crunchy, mildly sweet bread rings). I know how to lure their!

On the shoot is a working moment with our wonderful photographer Olga Pysarenko.

And here is the The photoreport!