Nov 06

On a carpet of yellow leaves …

Oct 20

Walking in Alexandria

Walking with Mom in the Alexandria Arboretum and Botanical Garden while dad was at work.
I really liked it!

Sep 26

My new friend Tim

Well, it’s my new friend. His name is Tim. The parents took him from the shelter. He is now going to live with us.
He fast runs, climbs everywhere and all the time meows.
I share my first impressions.

Sep 15

Quietly autumn is coming…

Jun 20

The Carpathian sketches

Jun 19

To roll about on the bed

Is it good to roll about on the bed or no?

Jun 18

A fierce fighting with a stick

Feb 06

These awful kids

Any Scottie knows that with kids is necessary to be careful and cautious.
They always strive to pull by the tail, bite by the nose, lie on top or kick you by foot. And it’s all done with an innocent angelic smile.
In spite of everything I love them!