Oct 09

Scotties forever!…

Scottish Terriers in ancient Egypt

Recent discoveries have confirmed historians hypothesis* that the first dogs that lived with people were Scottish Terriers.

* Yet it’s a joke except that Scotties forever!!!

Aug 08

A trip to the country house

Summer is a great time (even though it’s hot!).  You can stroll along surrounding area and swim in the lake.

A brief report  in pictures.

Jul 22

Makis from Greece

We got photos of our child from Greece. Cipollino was named Makis.

We are very happy for him!

Jul 06

Through joy and sadness

Today Cipollino flew with his new owner to Athens (Greece).
There he will have a big house, trusted hands and a loving heart.
It was an interesting and not at all planned experience – a life with a puppy. And we are grateful for this gift in our life!
A part of our hearts is now settled in Greece.
Good luck in the new family, Cipollino!