Apr 13

The Spring!

Mar 09

Puppies for sale

We sale our wonderful Scottish Terrier puppies!
Buba’s kids, BD February 11, 2015. Black color.
They are merry and cheerful puppies.

Write to me if you want to by.

Feb 06

These awful kids

Any Scottie knows that with kids is necessary to be careful and cautious.
They always strive to pull by the tail, bite by the nose, lie on top or kick you by foot. And it’s all done with an innocent angelic smile.
In spite of everything I love them!

Dec 09

The mutual understanding

IMG_2048_1I like that the parents talk to me and explain everything. How else would we understand each other? I too share my experiences with them.
Though sometimes they aren’t doing quite what I’m asking for. They can offer me a drink of water instead of cookies. I just have to repeat myself quietly and emphatically. I guess it’s necessary to get them trained.
Although the explanation is lost in translation, I think they are just cunning. My Mom and Dad understand everything for sure!

P.S. I wait until everyone will walk away. I want to listen to one of my favorite songs Whiskey Bar. Join now!
And yep, Happy Birthday, Jimmy! I love you!