Dec 09

The mutual understanding

IMG_2048_1I like that the parents talk to me and explain everything. How else would we understand each other? I too share my experiences with them.
Though sometimes they aren’t doing quite what I’m asking for. They can offer me a drink of water instead of cookies. I just have to repeat myself quietly and emphatically. I guess it’s necessary to get them trained.
Although the explanation is lost in translation, I think they are just cunning. My Mom and Dad understand everything for sure!

P.S. I wait until everyone will walk away. I want to listen to one of my favorite songs Whiskey Bar. Join now!
And yep, Happy Birthday, Jimmy! I love you!

Dec 03

In The Morning

Well, I think everybody understands how I want to jump out of a bed and to rush to outdoors in the morning?
Oh, here it’s a dog’s life…